Stardust Hunters

Every year, approx. 3,000 tons of cosmic dust falls to the surface of the Earth – these extraterrestrial particles which survive the journey through the atmosphere to land on the Earth are known as micrometeorites (MMs). Join us on the hunt for these particles and help scientists learn about our early Solar System.

Inspiring the scientists of tomorrow

The Stardust Hunters project aims to enable school children to carry out searches for tiny particles from space. With access to a ‘Stardust Hunters Toolkit’ containing everything that they will need in order to search for and potentially discover these particles known as ‘micormeteorites’, pupils will work with their teachers and/or families to design and conduct surveys of their locations to find potential candidates. They will then send their findings to scientists at Swansea University where they will be analysed to see if they have found tiny rocks from space!

Join us on this cosmic hunt and help scientists unravel the mystery of the early Solar System.

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Dr Sarah Roberts
Swansea University


Pupils will act as ‘citizen scientists’, helping scientists with this exciting growing area of research.


Pupils will design and carry out their own science project in the classroom or at home which will genuinely contribute to real research.


Pupils will learn the skills needed to carry out an investigation using the scientific method, and increase their knowledge of the Solar System.

Seeing all our young scientists frantically scouring the cracks in the courtyard, engaging in discussion and discovering real time evidence of meteors was exhilarating!

Damien Murphy – Teacher