There are a growing number of people (scientists and citizen scientists) who are joining in with the hunt for micrometeorites. Below are links to some of their pages and projects – dive in and learn what else is going on in this exciting area of research…..

Jon Larsen – Project Stardust

Jon Larsen looks up at the camera above him

Jon Larsen is a jazz musician who started the hunt for urban micrometeorites after watching one land on his garden table one sunny Summer’s morning in Norway. He has since found over 3000 micrometeorites from roof tops across Europe and has published books and papers on his search for cosmic dust. His Facebook page ‘Project Stardust‘ is kept up to date with his recent finds and is a great source of information on this topic.

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson holds a magnet up shilst sitting on the roof of a building

Scott Peterson is an amateur scientist from America, with an avid interest in micrometeorites. He has found many of these particles from space and aims to help other stardust hunters find micrometeorites of their own. His website, is a great source of information on all things to do with micrometeorites (and micrometeor-wrongs!).

Dr Matthew Genge

Matt Genge looks at the camera whilst holding a slide under a microscope

Dr Genge is a senior lecturer at Imperial College London. His research includes looking at micrometeorites and meteorites and he has written many scientific papers on this topic. You can find out more about his work from his work website, including more detail on his research areas. However, for an easier read, it’s worth looking at a recent interview that he gave in Quanta Magazine to find out all about him and his work!